RAA Thermostats

Simple HEATING Only, COOLING Only or HEATING and COOLING Thermostats, with exposed or concealed Setpoint adjustment, variants available with AUTO / MANUAL Selection switches.



RAK Thermostats

High Limit Thermostats available for Duct or Pipe mounting, with AUTO or MANUAL reset function.





RDF Thermostats

Advanced SEMI-Flush Mount Thermostats for HEATING and COOLING Aoplications with LCD Display, available in 24V or 240V and with Communication function.



RDG Thermostats

Advanced WALL Mount Thermostat for HEATING and COOLING Applications with large LCD Display. Available in 24V or 240V and with communication function and 7 Day timer.



REV Thermostats

Programmable HEATING Only thermostats with 24 hour or 7-Day timer functions, suitable for residential heating applications.