Controller Devices


RWD Controllers

Simple to program Non communication, standalone controllers with LCD Display, suitable for Fan Coil Units & Air Handling Units, available with Digital and Analogue (0-10V DC) Outputs.



Synco 100

Combined Sensor and Controller range, for simple installation directly on the plant. Available for Room, Duct or Immersion mounting.




Synco 200

Compact design for Switchboard or Panel mounting, Synco 200 controls Temperature, Humidity, Pressure or any other HVAC specific measured variables. Simple Programming or pre-configured applications are available.



Synco 700

From basic Temperature to complete HVAC plant Control, Synco 700 offers expansion capabilities and communication function possible via Knx bus.



Network Controllers RXB / RXL

Synco RXB / RXL Controllers ensure the correct room temperature at the right time in the most simple way. Simple to use Room Display Unit with a Switchboard or Panel mounted controller, suitable for small fan coil units.


Webserver Module

Synco’s Web server allows plant operation and monitoring via PC or Smart Phone at any time and from any location.